Insolation Energy produces high-efficiency solar PV modules including both Polycrystalline and Monocrystalline/Mono PERC from 40Wp – 460Wp. Our innovative products include twin power, Dual glass (Glass to Glass), BIPV, Poly, Mono & Mono PERC PV modules. Stringent quality tests ensure that our panels meet international as well as BIS & ALMM standards.

Bifacial- MONO PERC – 144 cells


INA-144MHC-xxx(xxx = 525-545 Wp)

Key Features:

  • Additional power yield with 27 YEARS OF PRODUCT LIFETIME with 0.5% annual power degradation.
  • LCOE IS CUT BACK with LESS BOSS COST which improves value proposition of the product with competitive ROI.
  • TWO PEAK PERFORMANCE TIME, for optimum utilization of dual facial generation
  • Hassle free installation with ability to INSTALL VERTICALLY IN EAST WEST DIRECTION, with improve soiling resistant.
  • CYLINDRICAL TABBING WIRE is used to reduce the shadow on cell active area.
Invertek energy Solar Panel Mono Crystalline PV Modules- Technical Specifications